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We have had the honour to work with its partners and create projects from small websites to large-scale web applications for our clients of any size, from start-up companies to international organizations.

Why Chose Us

With over 20 years of experience, we always take positive steps towards achieving our customers' goals using capable educated technecians. We have defined rules for ourselves and always stick to them.

Project Cost Effectiveness

  • We offer the best price for our products by researching.
  • We have the most significant savings for our customers.
  • We always do the best quality with minimum costs.

We will find your primary needs in the first stage during online or face-to-face meetings. All our efforts will be to identify only the necessary costs in implementing the project and save tremendously by eliminating additional expenses. We search for you and the best at the lowest price and provide you with the best possible service at the lowest cost.

Customer Support

  • Customer orientation is one of our primary principles.
  • We always support our customers, even on holidays.
  • The customer is always right in any situation.

We will always be by your side during the implementation of the project. Our programmers, designers and managers all try to accompany you in reaching your goals by providing the best support. The support team will answer your emails every day, even on holidays. You can also have an hourly contract with our team members for technical work, such as changes in the content of the site or prices and labour related to your IT at a meagre cost.

Technology Expertization

  • We constantly improve our knowledge at work.
  • We always use the best technologies with our services.
  • The latest technologies are the reason for our customer success.

Our technicians, programmers, designers and all team members continuously acquire more knowledge and improve their skills. We will surpass our competitors by maintaining and using the best technologies of the day.

The Success of Customers

  • Customer success is a fundamental principle for us.
  • We never leave the client alone during the project implementation and after completion.
  • The success of customers is the best advertising.

The best advertisement for us is your success. We aim for our executive team to provide you with the best possible solutions during the project on your side, in line with your goals and consider themselves a part of your business until you achieve complete success.


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  • You will achieve our 20 years of experience in a few weeks.
  • You will achieve your desired result in the best possible way.
  • We will always be with you on your side.

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Chat with our expert team about your idea, and we will give you the best advice to get the best result in your business.

About Us

We create unique experiences

Taratpics started its activity in 2002 by providing specialized services in the design of administrative and management web applications and web design. With the benefit of expert and creative forces during these years, we have launched many large and small projects professionally and successfully. We have started working to provide the most technical and specialized services at the most suitable prices.

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