Band Management

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Contract Performers

Whether you run an agency, or just book other acts from time to time, use Taratpics to generate contracts for them, and track their payments.

Payment Management

Keep track of your deposits and payments. Never forget if a client has paid a payment, and see outstanding payments at a glance.

Customer Relationship Management

Stay organised and keep your clients’ details organised and in one place. Store notes such as how you met, client birthdays and last conversations, so when they call you can have this information to hand. See all their booking and enquiry history at a glace. Take a look at their invoice history and see if they pay on time (or not!) This information is all stored safely in the Cloud making it available wherever you are - even from your smartphone.

Contracts and Invoices

Generate professional PDF booking contracts and invoices with one click. Another click attaches them to a customised email ready to send to the client. These documents can be branded with your own Header and Footer. If you don't have any image editing software to make the graphics, we have online software you can use to make them (or you can just ask us to do it for you - no charge!)


See your year at a glance as a chart, or generate reports showing Confirmed Bookings, Mileage or Invoices. These can also be exported as .csv files.

Auto Invoice

Set Taratpics to generate and send your invoices at any date in the future (or when a client confirms). You can so your admin while you sleep!

Invoice Notes

You can put a custom message on your Invoices. A simple ‘Thank you for your business’ could be added, or use it to advertise other products & services.

Email Templates

If you know a bit of html, you can code a swanky email footer for yourself. Or you can use the simple WYSIWYG editor to create one.

Email History

Emails sent from within Taratpics get stored alongside the client record so you can keep track of what has been sent and when and you can resend them again anytime.

100% Web-Based

Access your information from anywhere with an internet connection. You can even create and send PDF contracts from your smart phone.

Microsoft Azure Server

Taratpics is hosted on a dedicated server with Microsoft, the worldwide leader in hosting, so your data is accessable when you need it.

Auto Updates

We're adding features to the system on a regular basis. These features are sent to the your account automatically, so you are always using the latest version.

100% Responsive

Use Taratpics on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. The system will look great, and be easy to use wherever you are.

Easy Create Template

Professionally designed contract and invoice templates are included. Just add your logo, and you're ready to go.